Oh, Mary

Oh Mary is Here, Now.

June 18, 2018
Patrick McGuire

Hyperventilating with work. Constantly reminded that we must always be in the present and perpetually mindful. We’re out of time.

Can we just pause for a moment?

It’s time to question the pace of modern life and what our super-collider lifestyles actually mean for business.

Fast growth in defiance of scarcity means we may very well lack the presence of mind to protect our future. The self-awareness we demand of ourselves, and the real-time value we demand from our products, should also drive the desire and commitment to create value in society, but doesn’t. Markets seek short-term profits, and are indifferent to long-term good.

We are more divided as a people than we ever have been before and conversations devolve into the phony and fake. We don’t dare say what we feel, because we fear that even our friends will look at you in a funny way. They won’t understand. So we hold back.

Into this world, so seemingly unfeeling and unfelt, we launch our blog Oh Mary. We do this as a sign of faith that sincerity and honesty will return. This will be our forum for shared opinions and creativity. It will challenge fellow renegades to engage and collaborate in an age of unprecedented turmoil.

When we speak with sincerity, our voices are filled with conviction.  When we speak with honesty, our souls are freed. We become part of the whole, but also unmistakably individual. Many voices, one harmonious world.

To get there, let’s try something new. Let’s create a business environment where long-term profit becomes the province of the human beings who run the companies we support.

Human beings solve our problems. Humans help us to help them, help us. We teach each other about our shared humanity.  To believe in this new paradigm, we must reject apathy.

This has never been truer than it is right now in the business world. Classical marketing was forced into retirement by cookie-cutter campaigns left in the checkout lines of vanishing grocery stores. Now we must speak the language of coalescence. Between farmer and engineer; mass-shooting survivors and bearers of arms; new arrivers and native sons.

The lines are shifting. We’re moving away from objectifying and separating others. What was accepted as a norm before is now shunned. Ganging up on others behind the anonymity of social media must become passé. You change, you grow. It’s about reaching the one not the many, but the many is now the one. We must embrace a state of interdependence that calls for an end to detachment.

At Action Mary, we believe when we celebrate individuals, we celebrate ourselves. We find the triggers that invite people to connect to people around brands. We build trust by finding common bonds between every person we serve.

Join us on our blog Oh Mary, a place where we just might discover new forums for leadership. Create shared touchpoints all along the customer journey.

Change is in our hearts.